Up, Up, and Away We Go!!
May 6, 2014 - Matthew Parker

It's not every day that you get to sign a record deal, ya know?

I've been making music independently and putting it up on soundcloud to get feedback and engagement from fans for somewhere around 2 years now. Of course, I'd been making music at my home studio and sharing it on homemade CDs with Sharpie titles on them for a few years before that even. So anyway, I've been at this a long time. Honestly, my production skills have only ever increased. Even when I thought I was pretty good.....ok, I wasn't,...well, maybe PRETTY good, but now that I look back and listen again, I can hear all the things that could be improved in any one of my old tracks.

So I was putting out music independently, with distribution help from my friend Levi Whalen's label, Royalty Recordings. I was also growing a significant little audience a little at a time on Facebook and especially on Soundcloud. I got to know a lot of people who are into the whole CEDM scene (CEDM=Christian Electronic Dance Music), and it's been cool becoming friends with a lot of them. Many are even from different continents! Thank you, interwebzz. ;)

Anyway, I've become one of the better known artists in Christian EDM, and enjoyed doing it, and apparently got around a little bit...... And.... I got noticed by David Thulin, who I had befriended and who was signed to DREAM Records (and now signed to Dröm Records), and he was the connection that really led to Dröm (which is the new EDM branch of DREAM Records) offering me a contract. I knew this wouldn't necessarily be a deal that would completely make me BLOW UP, but I knew it would help me with significant steps toward getting out there more and getting known, besides just in my little soundcloud world. And so, Laydies and Gentulmenzz.....I signed to Dröm Records, and now I (actually we--I and my managers) are working on planning the release of my BIGGEST and most HUGESTEST album yet: Shadowlands.

Shadowlands is a big album of songs that I've been working on for probably about a year--maybe more. There is a good variety of styles on the album, but it's basically all EDM. It has some Trance, some Dubstep, some hybrid Dubstep, some Electro/Dance, and more. I also have quite a few surprise guest artists on here that I'm very excited about! I already have a teaser out for the album on Soundcloud HERE, which you should totally go listen to.

Long story short.....God has blessed me very much, and I love to make music for Him. And thanks to Him, I am flying Up, Up, and Away! -- and Looking Ahead to BIG Things!!

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