I probably should have posted this on release day 3 weeks ago, but hey, life gets busy. Just wanted to give you all a bit of a deeper inside look into my new album "Adventure".

I signed to Dröm Records sometime in early 2014, and soon after, released my album Shadowlands with them in late September of 2014. Of course I'd been working on the album for a long time before that.

Ever since Shadowlands came out, I've been working on the songs that would eventually become the album Adventure. Spark was the first track of the album to be created. The beginnings of the track were actually "sparked" before Shadowlands was released. Many of the other tracks on Adventure also had beginnings a year or more ago, and were just cool jams/beats until I decided they were worth putting the time and effort into to make them finished songs.

It's interesting how my life has been such an adventure in the past few years, and the music reflects it. I made up the chorus of Spark in my head while I worked as a cashier in Michigan a year and a half ago. The songs Dynasty, Heaven Calling, Night Sky, Down in Flames, Gone, and Tidal Wave I made back in Michigan in my parents' basement. I made tracks like Fly, My Love, Unstoppable, and System Victim while I was in my dorm at Belmont University early this year. The newest tracks like Adventure and Ghost I made at my house in Nashville after moving out of Belmont.

It's also funny how my songs have been affecting me in my heart and head. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't like change too much (not talking about pocket change---I don't mind money). I'm also somewhat of an introvert. I don't mind being at home a lot and not seeing that many people. But then I write a song like Adventure, and it inspires me to try to get out of my comfort zone a bit and go DO some awesome things--to just get out there more and live life to the fullest!

I've never expected to make music and then suddenly be a star. I've always been in it for the long run, for the long-term goals. I want more and more people to listen to my music. I've never "blown up" as an artist. It's been a slow burn, but it's slowly gotten me somewhere. That said, I've been very excited to see the response to Adventure. I've gotten so many kind words from so many of you, and I'm thankful. I'm thankful that people are listening and appreciating the art I'm making. I appreciate the fact that my work and time and effort and thoughts and dreams were not for nothing.

I'm excited for the future. I can't wait to try even newer things. I don't want my music to be normal. I want it to be very different, but very listenable and very likable. I'm excited to push the boundaries of what good music is. I'm excited to try to level up my lyrical game as much as possible, to make more songs with the lyrical depth and personality of "Ghost" and the smooth inspiring feel of "Adventure". I can't wait to take risks and make music that's better than ever before. I appreciate the love and encouragement from every one of you on this awesome adventure. You guys are the best.

Thank you.

 ~  Matthew

You can buy or stream Adventure on

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P.S. More fun facts about songs from Adventure:

1. My younger brother Luke plays guitar. Him and I both started learning when I was 12 and he was 10. We're both pretty good, but since my thing was producing and his was playing guitar, he eventually got better than me at most things you can do with a guitar (I'm still better at acoustic, haha). Anyway, for years people had asked me when Luke was going to play guitar in one of my songs. And for years, he never did. Basically this was because if I wanted guitar in a song, I did it myself. Luke's good at doing some crazy electric guitar solos though, and so eventually I made it happen and worked him into the song Down in Flames. That epic guitar solo partway through the song is him, and he ROCKED it. Now Luke is studying classical guitar, which is kinda funny since he's always been more into metal music and stuff, so hey, maybe sometime I'll have him play some classical guitar in a song. :)

2. Most collaborations I've done on my songs have been with people who I met online, and haven't ever met in person. The way that works is that they send me their vocal recordings and I mix them into the song. The first time I had a vocal feature on a song where I recorded the artist IN PERSON was when Tristan Peace recorded his rap on Remember Me. This was September of 2015, when I did a show in a town near home, and Tristan was the opening act for me. We did our show and it was epic, and then the next morning, we woke up at my house and recorded Tristan's rap that he had made up a couple weeks before. Directly after that, Tristan and his gang left to head back to Pennsylvania, and then over a year later, Remember Me came out on the album. That little thing after the end of the song is a recording from that session where Tristan was just making fun of my vocal "heys" and "ayes" that I had recorded for the background of the song. We had so much fun. Man, good memories. :)

To make a long story short, y'all--I just released a supah-crazy, heavy, groovy, unique vocal dubstep track called "Warfare"! I got to be a part of this fabulous on-going yearly album called "This Is Christian Dubstep" (TICD for short), and so my new track is my contribution to the album. If you like some rockin', vibey dubstep, and you don't like Christian music that is boring and cheesy (not saying that's what ALL Christian music is...), then this album is for you!! I'd love it if you checked it out!

You can buy "Warfare" on iTunes HERE
and you can listen for free below.

Feel free to help spread the news about the album--me and the other TICD guys would really appreciate it!


Up, Up, and Away We Go!!
May 6, 2014 - Matthew Parker

It's not every day that you get to sign a record deal, ya know?

I've been making music independently and putting it up on soundcloud to get feedback and engagement from fans for somewhere around 2 years now. Of course, I'd been making music at my home studio and sharing it on homemade CDs with Sharpie titles on them for a few years before that even. So anyway, I've been at this a long time. Honestly, my production skills have only ever increased. Even when I thought I was pretty good.....ok, I wasn't,...well, maybe PRETTY good, but now that I look back and listen again, I can hear all the things that could be improved in any one of my old tracks.

So I was putting out music independently, with distribution help from my friend Levi Whalen's label, Royalty Recordings. I was also growing a significant little audience a little at a time on Facebook and especially on Soundcloud. I got to know a lot of people who are into the whole CEDM scene (CEDM=Christian Electronic Dance Music), and it's been cool becoming friends with a lot of them. Many are even from different continents! Thank you, interwebzz. ;)

Anyway, I've become one of the better known artists in Christian EDM, and enjoyed doing it, and apparently got around a little bit...... And.... I got noticed by David Thulin, who I had befriended and who was signed to DREAM Records (and now signed to Dröm Records), and he was the connection that really led to Dröm (which is the new EDM branch of DREAM Records) offering me a contract. I knew this wouldn't necessarily be a deal that would completely make me BLOW UP, but I knew it would help me with significant steps toward getting out there more and getting known, besides just in my little soundcloud world. And so, Laydies and Gentulmenzz.....I signed to Dröm Records, and now I (actually we--I and my managers) are working on planning the release of my BIGGEST and most HUGESTEST album yet: Shadowlands.

Shadowlands is a big album of songs that I've been working on for probably about a year--maybe more. There is a good variety of styles on the album, but it's basically all EDM. It has some Trance, some Dubstep, some hybrid Dubstep, some Electro/Dance, and more. I also have quite a few surprise guest artists on here that I'm very excited about! I already have a teaser out for the album on Soundcloud HERE, which you should totally go listen to.

Long story short.....God has blessed me very much, and I love to make music for Him. And thanks to Him, I am flying Up, Up, and Away! -- and Looking Ahead to BIG Things!!

Click on the Artwork below to buy my most recent album, Love Unheard Of on iTunes