Xander Sallows - Dysfunctional (Matthew Parker Remix) Out Now!

Xander Sallows - Dysfunctional (Matthew Parker Remix) Out Now!

 First of all, welcome to my first blog post! This will be the place where I can talk about new releases a little more in-depth and maybe even also make posts to just share my thoughts.

Today is a release day though! Xander asked me to remix this song a while back and I was down because the original is one of my favorite songs of his. This remix is unique in that it doesn't amp up the energy of the original song to 11 like I usually do on a remix. This one stays more chill, except for the "drops" which still feel chill-ish--I'd say at some points, the remix is actually more stripped down and simple than the original.

I also made the lyric video that you see above :) 35 pieces of paper gave their lives for that video, haha. Hope you enjoy!

As always, your support makes all the difference--Make sure you add the song to your playlists on Spotify and Apple Music for future listening!


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